IOF Warranty

IOF warrants it’s product to be free from defects in material and workmanship, with regular use during single shift, for as long as the original end user purchaser owns the product.


Proof of delivery is the only official document accepted by IOF for any claim. Consent from IOF must be obtained before any warranty work is performed. This warranty does not apply to products that require repair due to normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse, accident or if the product has been modified by someone other than IOF or it’s authorized dealers.


This warranty is made by IOF only to purchasers acquiring the product directly from IOF, it’s authorized dealers, or others who are specifically authorized  by IOF to sell such products. The purchasers remedy is limited to repair or replacement. When repairing or replacing a defective product, IOF does not guarantee matching color, grain texture or dye lots.  This warranty does not cover the cost of transportation or labor. Under no circumstances shall IOF  be liable for accidental or consequential damages.


This warranty is subject to the limitations, exclusions and other provisions below.

– 25 Years: thermos fused laminate.

– Moving parts including slides,casters and locks are limited to 5 years.

– 5 Years: pvc extrusions and accessories.

– Light bulb and ballasts are not covered by this warranty.

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